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Dione Technology Ltd was incorporated in 2013 by three highly skilled Atlassian consultants, who, through their own experience, recognised the need for expertise and consultancy within several particular problematic areas.

What makes Dione Technology stand out from the rest is that all the consultants are seasoned Atlassian experts with long, actual hands-on experience. We are able to provide solutions and consultancy based on what we personally know works.

All the Dione Technology consultants have a proven track-record solving scalabilty, customisation, bespoke functionality extension and integration related issues.

Dione Technology is not one of the many IT consultancies that are trying to tap into as many markets as possible with Atlassian tools as one of numerous services. We have a holistic perspective and a wealth of experience on many levels, but we have decided to focus on our exceptional Atlassian knowledge.

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50 - 99 Employees

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