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Megamic Electronics Pvt Ltd was founded in October 2015, with the dream to merge latest Global technology with Indian Design ingenuity. It is the brainchild of two hard-core engineers, who, cumulatively have 3 decades of intensive electronics design experience. The founders have  worked in multiple areas in electronics, which is reflected in Megamic’s diverse offerings. 

Megamic Electronics Pvt Ltd.(Megamic) has been actively involved in Design, Development and Supply of Monitoring and Control solutions for Renewable Energy Market, specially Solar. It has a portfolio of Field proven products and solutions which aid Plant owners and O&M teams for efficiently collecting data across Components in a Solar Plant. Apart from providing simple Monitoring of Daily/historic Generation, Megamic’s Platform also offers its partners an AI based Solar Plant Data Analytics system which can output deep insights about the generation from Inverters and PV modules, its dependencies such as module temperature, weather, soiling etc. There by providing and predicting upfront Maintenance alerts, to minimize potential downtimes, maximize generation and realize worry-free Peak Performing Solar Assets.

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