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Sutlej Soft always takes delight in providing professional & customized product solutions to customers who demand return on investment, highly secure data and round the clock support activities.

Sutlej Soft is synonymous with high quality service product offerings, with long term perspective and strategic relationship goals in Real Estate and Clinical Trials domains. We are continuously striving towards true advantage for our customers, which enables us to dig deeper and solve the toughest problems they face—problems that others can’t, or won’t, approach.

We have a strong team of dedicated, dynamic and experienced software professionals, Sales and Marketing professionals and Customer support , who share good rapport with Real Estate Developers, CRO’s, Pharmaceutical Companies, Super Specialty Hospitals, Clinicians and other professionals

We specialize in:

Software Development, Sales & Marketing of Software related products for
a. Real Estate Developers
b. Search Engine for Real estate portal
c. Clinical Trails.

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50 - 99 Employees

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