TrackNerd GPS Pvt Ltd

We have built a platform for people to Create, Store & Manage geo-location data to answer their day-to-day questions. In other words, we provide GPS based advanced location tracking services, with offerings in this space for individuals, organizations and businesses looking for end-to-end solution & support.

We offer GPS | GSM | GPRS Trackers with SaaS (Software as a Service) Platform accompanied by an integrated cloud-telephony infrastructure for 3rd person perspective usage.

TrackNerd Lokkate – TrackNerd Lokkate is a cloud-based fleet management solution that gives you total visibility and control over your vehicle fleet anytime, anywhere. From managing maintenance, fuel and labour costs to enforcing a safe and lean driving culture, TrackNerd Lokkate puts you in the driver’s seat.
It offers enormous value add and ROI by gathering location, fuel, engine, speed, data, temperature (Container) of vehicles; interpreting the information in real time and facilitating views, alerts & reports helping focus on actionable items with immediate effect on operational cost & efficiency.

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