Skills Required :

Should be trained or certified in UX.

A keen eye for detail and consistency.

Strong communication skills, both written and verbal.

Responsibilities :

* Perform User Experience Research that includes developing and leading research strategies, analyzing and synthesizing customer research findings and developing actionable insights across all digital channels.

* Identify, plan and execute qualitative and quantitative research methods to uncover user needs, design vision and strategy.

* Conduct contextual inquiries, surveys, usability tests, A/B testing, card-sorting, expert reviews, and competitive analysis.

* The UX Analyst collects and uses research to, develop UX/UI best practices solutions for mobile-first and responsive design.

* Works with marketing and delivery team on all phases of a product lifecycle and develops strategies to ensure optimum performance.

* Facilitate design, concept and prototype process.

* Develop an effective and efficient storyboard processes to communicate a user experience and user story visions to team members.

* Create user personas to unlock marketing, design and new business opportunities.

* Conduct user-centered design research and usability testing.

* Develops an information architecture strategy to optimize site usability and conversion.

* Translate research findings into actionable, prioritized recommendations.

* Be involved in sketching, prototyping and on occasion user testing, before passing the design onto the development team.

* Understand qualitative research methods.

* Have an awareness of internal KPI’s, costs and budgets.

* Put user experience and conversion at the center of a design, to make it simple, easy to use and good looking.

* Work closely within a multidisciplinary team, including web developers, marketing, sales, programmers and management.

* Have technical knowledge to be able to explain what needs doing to multidisciplinary team members.

prepare, document and present results of ongoing projects to management.

Please confirm whether there will be any charges applied on selection of your candidate. Please feel free to contact us for any query. 

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