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Hi I’m Sarthak,

Basically from Chickmanglore,

BE mechanical engineering

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Bachelor of Engineering

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Django, Government & Defence, Hospitality & Tourism, Machine Learning & AI, Manual Testing, Python

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Adhichuchanagiri Institute of technology

Bachelor in mechanical engineering

August 2015 to May 2019 - 4 years

Project title: “Design and fabrication of tree pruning machine”


A roller is operated using a motor which is further connected to another roller which helps the upward motion of the machine along the tree. These two rollers are planning placed on two sides of the tree. These are adjustable such that, it can be used for trees of different diameters. To balance these rollers system with motor, another simple roller is attached to bottom. The rating of the motor to be used is yet to be decided and is to be reelected based on the power required for the system requirements. The motor is controlled by a wired controlled operated by user from the ground.


The design of the proposed system is capable to meet the objectives of the project. The system will reduce the overall cost involved in tree pruning process and minimizes the human effort. It is the more advanced method of tree pruning operation. The system trims the branches and increases the health of trees and also provide ample amount of shades to the crops.


  • Krita, Python, MS word, Machine learning, AI,Data science. 1%

Updated : January 21, 2020

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